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  • ENLIGHTEN YOUR WAY: Whether you want to organize a festive event, a romantic dinner or just an elegant reunion party these Bolsius votive candles make the atmosphere warmer and delightful. The lighting of the candles is always a special moment, one which symbolizes not only intimacy but also life and continuity.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: This set of restaurant candle holders is made of the best wax They are wonderfully crafted so that you can enjoy a simple yet sophisticated party. Lay the table and arrange the candles in order to achieve a wonderful preparation!
  • 24 HOURS BURN: The Bolsius product throws off the ideal amount of light and it burns very clean. You will not need to worry about duration since they last for approximately 24 hours. Just burn them in their cups and create a special moment.
  • MULTI PURPOSE: Votive candles represent the perfect decoration. You can use them not only for special occasions, parties, commemorations and reunions but also for decorating a room or a restaurant, bar and other spaces with style. Add a note of light and brightness to your home with these magnificent . candles
  • REFILL AND RELIGHT: Thanks to this Bolsius set you will not experience a messy table or a damaged piece of furniture caused by melted wax, smoke or heat. All you have to do is light the candles and rest assured that they will burn nicely and clean. When you run out of wax you can refill the cup with other candles or if you do not need to burn it all, relight it when you consider necessary.

Bolsius Set Of 20 Relight Party, Restaurant Votive Candles In Red Cup Burns Apro

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