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  • The Purest Red - Renowned Since 1870 for Good Reason: There’s nothing quite like the luxurious ambiance of fiery flames flickering against crystalline surfaces. Bolsius round floating candles deliver, with the beloved creamy Red surface & lusciously thick flame that’s famous for setting the mood at premier events - for more than a century.
  • 5 Hours of Bliss - While most floating candle sets burn down in a flash, Bolsius leverages the finest European quality wax on market - with a 100% cotton wick that’s easily trimmed and relit - delivering a pure, steady, satisfying burn that quickly rekindles for special occassions.
  • Stays Afloat - Anti-Tip Design: Exceed your guests highest standards. Beautifully crafted with a proprietary anti-tip design, each candle set perches elegantly atop the water, without tipping, dunking or sputtering out when a table is bumped at busy events. The ideal 1.75” diameter floating candles for centerpieces at weddings.
  • Ignite, Inspire & Decorate - Even non-creatives feel inspired by this floating candles set, unleashing creative ideas for sprinkling ambiance and glow as you float these unscented candles across your pool, vase or romantically drawn bath. Endless possibilities await.
  • Clean, Smokeless Burn – Don’t Irritate Neighbors & Guests: Because our long lasting candles are free from the oils and impurities that trigger excessive smoke, each candle pack casts an illuminating glow without bothering the people enjoying them around you.

Bolsius Unscented 1.75" Floating Candles – Set of 40 Dark Red Floating Candles

  • Brand BOLSIUS
    Colour Red
    Material Wax
    Scent Unscented
    Specific uses for product Party
    Occasion Party
    Special feature Unscented
    Package information Jar
    Are batteries included? No
    Size 40 Count
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