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  • INCREDIBLY CONVIENENT Our set of aluminum pans are made with convenience as the number one priority. Theyre easily stackable and stock together,saving you previous shelf and fridge space,as well as being perfectly reusable and disposable.
  • 50 PIECE PLASTIC LID 2LB FOIL PAN SET This set included 50 individual aluminum foil pans with PLASTIC lids and a 1-pound capacity for food. They feature curled rims which provide rigidity and can be folded over the edge to secure the lids in place.
  • RETAINS HEAT PERFECTLY If youre looking to keep a meal warm while waiting for guests to arrive,or need a baking tray that will efficiently conduct heat while baking in the oven,then our aluminum baking pans are perfect for the job.
  • SECURE & DURABLE DESIGN Unlike flimsy Styrofoam or cardboard trays,this set of foil pans is made with high-grade aluminum and features a sturdy and durable design. Making it so you wont have to worry about them coming apart after multiple uses.
  • KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESHER,LONGER Our aluminum foil pans are not only great at retaining heat,but they also lock in freshness,ensuring your meals don't lose their flavor while bringing them to parties or while waiting on dinner party guests.

Elite Selection 2lb Aluminum Foil Pans – Reusable and Disposable Foil Pans – Sta

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