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  • NATURAL BEESWAX: These handmade candles are beautifully crafted of 100% pure natural beeswax and high quality cotton wick which does not contain lead or other metals. They fit into any standard taper candlestick holder and they are also smokeless and unscented. Unlike other products, our candles are paraffin free.
  • LIGHT HONEY FRAGRANCE: From dinners to family gatherings and even own pleasure, these candles make the perfect choice. You can use them to decorate tables as well as other many small spaces around the house. All you have to do is put these dipped by hand candles in the candlestick holder and enjoy a natural honey aroma.
  • CLEAN AND BRIGHTER BURNING: These taper candles are odorless and drip less. The flame is nice and steady and there is absolutely no reason for you to worry about smoke or soot. In addition, the properly sized wicks mean longer burn times and brighter light.
  • MULTI USE: Our beeswax candles are ideal for both restaurant and household. In case you don’t burn all the candles you can easily and safely store them in the box they came so that you can enjoy their bright light the next time you want to achieve a relaxing ambience. And if they are not burnt completely you can always relight them.
  • TAPER DESIGN: The design of this product is specially made for you to enjoy your most special moments in the company of your friends and family. It comes in a box of 12 pieces and thanks to their natural yellow color you can easily decorate your tables in beautiful manner. These tapers are 10 inch long and ¾ thick at the base and they fit your candlestick holder just fine.

Mikeline Pack of 12 Beeswax Taper Candles- 9'' Beeswax Taper Candles Handmade, A

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